My Term 3 Report Reflection

This year my term 3 report has been pretty good nearly all highs only 6 mediums so I am quite happy with the results.

What did I do well? I think I did nearly everything well all subjects got fairly high marks.

What do I need to improve on? The only things I need to improve on is really just my level of performance in my classes.

3 subjects that i think i did really well in was English, Sose and Maths i feel like i did really well in these subjects.

Short Stories

this is just a couple of short stories by Myself Bryce and Sean

links to their sites are

A) bryce B) sean C) lachlan/me black writing narrator


A fractured fairytale …

(A) Once upon a time, there lived a boy of ginormous proportions.he was so big when people saw him they couldn’t see his head and when he ate the town would have to feed him everything that the town had. he always had a habit of breaking things like houses and especially GNOMES!!!


(B) The gnome never saw it coming. i threw a baseball bat at it and broke its head. I felt so sorry for the gnome NOT. now i no it is the revenge of the gnome hahahaha. I see the gnome build back its pieces and starts to build back together  The revenge it back and ready to take over the world.


(C) “How was I to know the frosting was made of poison ivy!”, the frog exclaimed. This is ridiculous, how could i be so stupid.” The next time i see my son i will punish him beyond measure.”

“Quiet down, your daughter is trying to sleep.” his wife said

“whatever but i’ll punish him tomorrow.”


(A) At that very moment, Boris walked through the time portal.

and found himself in the 80’s. he was walking down the street and saw Michael Jackson when he was black, and everyone was wearing leg warmers and had big boxes that they listened to music with.


(B) The discus cleared the fence and flew toward the airport. Oh no the plane is going to crash every one run! I see a plane about to land but one of the wings has come off. Its About to crash! Everyone is running from the the airport and then BANG! the plane has landed and crashed.


(C) It’s funny how windows can seem unimportant until you don’t have one. because those that don’t have windows are at the mercy of mother nature, anything can happen at any time, even things like rain and winds up to tsunamis and hurricanes. You never notice how important they are till you don’t have one.


(A) But the flying chairs were the least of their worries.

because there was a table flying at them!!!! and hit him right in the face and broke his nose, but before he could say ow my nose there was a car flying at him!


(B) “Hey you dummy – get down!” she yelled. No its a free country and i don’t want to come down i’m old enough to jump of the breakwater. you can’t stop me! I’m about to jump of and a cop shoots me and i fall of the breakwater. Blood all over the water and they just leave me.


(C) The beach seemed like the best escape option at the time. There was no one there it was perfect. Until it was overrun by zombies they had taken over everyone, but we found a safe house and had minimal casualties to the zombie horde but they would then know that this was just the beginning of the zombie apocalypse


And those that survived lived somewhat comfortably, though in constant fear that another giant was just around the corner.

How water gets to our homes

where does our water come from? our water comes from the ground, rivers and as rain but the water we get comes from the river otways

what are the five key steps used to treat our water?

  1. raw water is stored in basins to allow solid particles to sink
  2. chemicals are added to it to help impurities sink to the bottom and be removed
  3. other chemicals are added to float impurities to the surface so that they can be removed
  4. then sludge is sent to the bottom to be removed
  5. then the water is filtered through different filters including sand

thats how we get our water

athletics comic

just a quick comic of the athletics day

my video

Basketball Academy